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Vestmannaeyjar Boat Tour

    Tour Operator: Ribsafari - Boat Tours in Vestmannaeyjar     1h 30m     Travel method: Boat     Region: South

On this approx. 1.5 hour sailing trip we will sail around Heimaey in Vestmanneyjar (e. Westman Islands) and we will see the island from sea which is spectacular. During the sailing a guide will tell you about the history of the islands, sagas, the geological history, the volcanic eruption on the island in 1973 as well as in inform you about Surtsey the youngest island in the world which is a part of the archipelago. We will see various rock formations and sail along the new lava from the eruption in 1973.

There are numerous bird species around Vestmannaeyjar that nest on the cliffs and on the surrounding islands. We will see plenty of birds and seabirds such as the iconic puffin, fulmar, kittiwake and even gannets. Often we also see seals and whales during high summer.

During the sailing we will visit two sea caves, “Fjósið”, which is inside the cape Höfði, that is known to be the windiest place in Europe and Klettshellir which is known for its marvelous acoustics.

Teista is a large passenger boat with space for upto 80 people yet we only take 50 passengers max. There are seating for about 40 people outdoors as well as additional seating indoor as well as well as plenty of space for standing. 

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What is included

During the sailing we a guide will tell you all about our history, nature, wildlife and more. 

Important information

  • It is good to dress in warm clothes as it can be cold out at the ocean 
  • Bring a camera or phone it is always fun to check out the photos and memories afterwards 

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