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Midnight Sun snowmobile tour

    Tour Operador: Glacierjourney / Fallastakkur     3 horas     Método de transporte: Transporte propio     Región: Southeast

Whizz across the stunning snowcaps of Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe on a snowmobile with this thrilling sub-arctic adventure. This tour should not be missed by those seeking an authentic glacier experience in southeast Iceland.

Snowmobiling is one of the most exhilarating excursions you can take in Iceland; the fresh winds rushing against you as you race over the glacier provide an adrenaline-pumping thrill.

Aside from the great adventure, you will expose yourself to amazing views across the gleaming surface of the ice and snow, and of the highlands, east and south of the country.

You will stop halfway through your adventure to take photos, our guides are very informative and entertaining; they will tell you facts about the area, stories from the community, fairytales and everything you would like to know, so please do not be shy to ask them questions about anything that comes to mind.

At base camp, Glacier Journey provides overalls and helmets for the tour. Don’t worry, you don’t need any experience, as snowmobiles are very easy to operate. We will show you how they work. Then, it’s time to mount your snowmobile and set off.

This tour is open for a limited time only, in June and July. We will open for bookings with short notice,  we just go if the weather is perfect for a romantic evening on the glacier.
This tour is not suitable for children.

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Edad mínima: 16 años
Dificultad: Desafio


  • A valid driver's license is required.
  • Good outdoor clothing and hiking boots are required.
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required for all our tours.
  • It´s the customer’s responsibility to inform our guides if they have any kind of health issue.
  • There is a 48 hours’ cancellation policy, customers will get a full refund if they cancel tour 48+ hours before departure.
  • If the tour is canceled by Glacier Journey for some reason i.e. due to weather, customers get a full refund.
  • Glacier Journey does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions.
  • All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants.
  • Glacier Journey cannot make sure that no other persons or other unrelated groups are in the area at the same time as our tours.

NOTE: If the driver or passenger causes damage on a snowmobile the driver is responsible for paying for the repair of the snowmobile.

29.900 ISK.- per person and 2 persons on a snowmobile.
Extra fee for one person on snowmobile 10.000.- ISK.

When booking odd number 1.3.5 etc you need to book solo rider

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